Emily Maschal O'Donnell (she her, they/them) is a 22 year old artist living and working in Portland, OR.

Prior to 2020, she used to think it was funny  that most of her paintings were about the "domestic" and the intimate (ie love, crushes, and Tinder) but now it this quest for communtiy, itimacy, and connection through the handmade that feels more urgent than ever.  The very human condition of  loneliness, exacerbated by our current loss of human contact,  no longer makes the internet feel like futile search for intimacy, but instead a new space to find connection. Her favorite material is the left over tissue paper from gifts, because they archive an exchange between people.

In addition to a BA in Visual Arts from Bennington College, where their  focus was painting, Social Practice, and Queer Art History, they have organized and taught classes and workshops to people of all ages (including figure drawing, collage and  bookmaking). They have completed  three internships in the arts; in 2017 at the Art Department working in a community studio space for artists with developmental and intellectual disabilities, in 2018 Camphill Beaverrun in the weaving/ fiber arts, and in 2019 at the Santa Fe Art Institute, a residency focused on art and social justice/change. Their other passions include food and flower farming; they have spent their summers working on small family owned farms. 

They spend lots of time knitting, sewing, dying with natural and foraged dyes, or doing home improvement projects.

 © 2021 Emily  Maschal O'Donnell

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